En Kör is an award-winning vocal ensemble with 12 singers based in Stockholm. The choir was founded in the autumn of 2016 with the aim of singing complex choral music in a small ensemble and engaging all singers in the entire musical process. The choir's vision is to create music at a high level and to spread choral singing to a wide audience.

The whole group is involved in the musical work. The interpretations of the music are developed collectively during rehearsals. The choir has 2-4 concerts per year. In addition to that, we are happy to record music, sing at parties and events, and travel together. In 2022, A Kör participated in the choral competition Concorso Polifonico Internazionale Guido D’Arezzo in Arezzo, Italy. There, we won all the categories we competed in, as well as the Grand Prix, something we are very proud of! Prior to that, in 2019, the choir competed in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in the choir competition Adriatic Pearl where we won the categories "B1 – Mixed choirs” and “S – Musica Sacra”.

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Christine Hellsing

En körs sopran Elina Hardell

Elina Hardell

Sara Nyberg


Charlie Börjeson

Alt Ellinor Bakhuizen

Ellinor Bakhuizen

Tilda Back


Tenor Harald Carlinger

Harald Carlinger

Tenor Jacob Edström

Jacob Edström

Tenor Paul-Philip Mosulet

Paul-Philip Mosulet


Bas Daniel Häll

Daniel Häll

Bas Eric Berrez

Eric Berrez

Bas Jakob Lundvall

Jakob Lundvall