During the fall of 2020 we chose to do a video project, since concerts were out of the question due to the covid pandemic. We were very happy with the result, and have since continued to regularly record pieces that we like. Apart from music videos we also do simpler recording from our regular rehearsals. We also record our concerts and often publish videos from those as well. We primarily publish our videos on facebook and youtube.

Down below you can find our music videos as well as a selection of videos from our rehearsals. Under the tab concerts you can find videos from our concerts. 


Les fleurs et les arbres

Les fleurs et les arbres is a joyful piece filled with power, beauty and the love for nature. The last line of the lyrics has given its name to our latest EP, "Laughter and Tears," from which this recording is taken.


Ett hjärta stannar ('A heart stops')

We had the great pleasure to work with Anders Paulsson , a celebrated soprano saxophone player, and perform his newly written piece 'Ett hjärta stannar'. The rhythmical base of pumping chords is complemented by the flowing melodies in the sopranos and saxophone. The lyrics are written by Lars Forsell in 1980.


This curious piece by Per Nørgård was performed on our autumn concert 'En tavla av toner' in 2021. We liked it so much that we decided to dedicate some extra time to produce a nice video for it!

Second eve

We rehearsed and recorded this beautiful song by Ola Gjeilo during the spring of 2022. Later the same year we decided to bring it back for our Lucia concert, though that was not the plan at the time!



Ljusfälten (Light Fields) is the last of six pieces in the suite with the same name, written by the Swedish-American composer Matthew Peterson. This performance is from a rehearsal in Olaus Petrikyrkan in Stockholm. The sharp harmonies, vivid lyrics and dynamics make it a clear favourite of ours!



The first piece was recorded outside on KTH Campus during a sunny afternoon at the end of summer. "Sagastipean" was written by Javier Busto in 1990 and tells the story about a man lying beneath a tree, fleeing his sadness by dreaming about happier times with dancing and singing.

Tykus Tykus

This piece was recorded in Oscarskyrkan, a large church in Stockholm with wonderful acoustics. "Tykus tykus" is a piece for double choir and is about a young man seducing a young woman before riding to war. It is written by the Lithuanian composer Vaclovas Augustinas.


Bo Jansson has arranged this beloved song by Billy Joel for mixed choir. The solo is sung by none other than our own Jacob Edström! The video was recorded in Djurgårdskyrkan in Stockholm.

Armottoman Osa

Once the new covid restrictions were added and we couldn't meet and sing together anymore, we had to switch tactics and record outside in various parks instead. Each singer has been individually recorded and the voices mixed together afterwards. This recording technique actually fits this piece really well, "Armottoman Osa" by Mia Makaroff.


In Sweden, there is no Christmas without first celebrating Lucia day on the 13th of December. This is a choral tradition where we dress up in special Lucia clothes and sing tradition pieces about Saint Lucia. In this video we sing two of our favourite Lucia songs: "Stig in, Lucia" and "Strålande Helgonfé", written by Solwig Herth-Grippe and Helene Stureborg, respectively. Due to covid restrictions, this video was also recorded outside.